Building the Coop

Building the CoopBuilding a chicken coop needn’t be difficult, but you’ll want to do it right the first time. Specific materials are needed to provide your chickens with a safe environment to live in. Floors should be strong and windproof while allowing odour to escape. Cold drafts coming from the floors can harm your chickens. Walls should be strong and vented, and have easy access for you to clean the coop and collect eggs. The roof should keep out the weather, keeping your chickens safe and dry.

Building Specifics

Building SpecificsWhen building a coop it’s best to follow a plan laid out on paper. These plans are often available online or in books. If you coop has the wrong dimensions, it can create stress. Stressed birds won’t lay eggs, and you’ll have a coop full of useless chickens. You’ll need plenty of light coming either from natural windows or inside bulbs to keep your chickens feeling like they have enough room. How big your coop is depends on how many birds you have; plan on 1-1.5 square metres per bird.

Other Things to Consider

Other Things to ConsiderEnsure that you are building the right coop for your specific area. Coops in mild areas of the country needn’t have insulation installed. Do plenty of research on the predators that may exist in your area. The last thing you want is to wake up and find half your chickens dead. Make sure you design your coop with you in mind; you’ll want to be able to easily collect eggs and clean up. Make sure nesting boxes are comfortable to ensure good egg laying habits.

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